Advices for supervising your marketing online agency: Adwords/ Facebook Ads

Internet opens up possibilities that were once considered imposible: obtaining key information from potencial consumers, offering a “ 24/7 “ online service, interacting with users all over the world, etc.

There are still lots of companies that have just recently given their first steps in the online world and there is a phenomenon that is becoming common knowledge: These companies lack the information to make decisions about online diffusion, thus, they have to reach out to marketing agencies that specialize in online advertising in order to cover that need. These are some basic concepts to have in mind when outsourcing account management.

These tips will go hand in hand with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, the two most utilized platforms for online advertisement, but they can also be applied to a more general perspective.


Transparency:  If the payment to the agency is done through commission instead of doing it in the form of CPA, then its necessary for the client to be able to access at least a read only file of the tools that are being used. This will guarantee that the money invested is actually being invested. Also, through Ad Words the client will be able to access the changes in the history files, to be able to see each modification that the agency has done, when and how many changes were done.


Open and direct dialog: Transparency is not only good for building trust, but having access to your own AdWord/Facebook Ads will help you make better decisions when analyzing  in depth and suggesting to make some changes, after all, you know the most about your own business. But always remember, the suggestions you might have may not be always the best, the agencies have more experience with those specific platforms and the way to use them in the most effective way. The best option is to always keep an open dialog where you can exchange opinions and then decide through testing. The users will be the ones that will eventually show you the way to the best strategy. With humility and trust, not always trying to be right but trying to get results is what will bring success to your campaigns.





Results: In every Ad campaign, its always recommended to set a goal. The closer the goal is to obtaining a profit, the easier it will be to make decisions about how to invest.

Example of direct response campaigns:

  • Obtaining X ammout of contact forms
  • Selling X amount of products
  • Bill X amount of money
  • Obtain a ROI of X%

Examples of Branding Campaigns (more relative but still obtainable)

  • Obtain a CPM of $X or less
  • Improve CTR to X%

Video campaign: Get X amount of people to watch the video till the end




Be careful with the relative results: Pay attention to this, no company makes a living through likes in their Facebook page or through visits in their webpage, they make a living through the effect these likes and visits will have later on. Example: A gift shop in Madrid won’t benefit from 100.00 likes if it comes from single men age 50-65 in Indonesia. The same way, it won’t benefit from 10.000 clicks in their AdWords ads if no one ends up buying anything because of false advertisement.

The key in this aspect is to always have a follow up in conversions. This means, a code that would be put in the site to be able to recognize when a user “converts” to a client. It can also be measure through Google Analytics. Usually this code will be put in the page that says “thank you for buying/contacting us/ choosing us/ etc. If an agency runs a direct response campaign for your company and it doesn’t have a follow up in conversions, then you might have to think twice before assigning that agency another dollar.

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