Analytics mini-tip: how to create useful goals.

Google Analytics goals help improve a site: it implies thinking what is expected from users in your site, and it becomes really useful in order to measure in the best way possible how a site is improving. A goal might be to generate more navigation time in your site, the measurement could simply be done by analyzing the page/views metric. What is the problem with this? The results might be deceiving. Let’s see an example:

If 10 people go into your site, and 9 only check the first page but the tenth one visits 100 pages, your page/visit rate will be way over 10, when in reality 9 out of 10 did not navigate through your site.

To measure this in a correct way, it is recommended for example to set a goal of more than 4 page/visit rate and check how this goal curve evolves. This way it becomes easier to measure how many visits a day are over this goal and how the relative metric evolves.

Another thing we can do is implement values to the goals so we can compare them with each other. For example, we can create a goal to be registering to the site’s newsletter entering a page that would say “thanks for subscribing” which value will be 5, y assign less value to the ones that simply navigate your site. There are many variations that we can achieve through selecting goals. A very interesting one is to import the Google Analytics goals as conversion in AdWords. It is possible to measure as conversions every people that spend enough time on a given site, or people visiting specific sections, without the need of putting conversion pixels all over the place. This will help optimize campaigns that don’t have a high conversion rate. These are what are known as microconversions.

For example: we all know that there is no real value on a person going through many pages in the site, but that person has a better chance of purchasing something given that the average page/visit rate of people that end up purchasing is a lot higher that the page/visit rate of those who don’t.  Applying microconversions linked to page/visit goals can help improve sells if we optimize CPA campaigns.

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