Google Ad-words: Managing seasonal campaigns.

Creating a seasonal campaign consists in analyzing the user’s consumption patters variations in specific moments of the year, usually marked by social events such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas and summer/winter holidays.

This seasonal behaviour is not only a matter of calendar: it affects the ways in which users behave.


How to know which campaigns behave in a seasonal way?

There are  products that are affected by the seasons. The relationship is clear and we can understand it easily. For example in a campaign that sells winter coats through AdWords, no one will expect a stable performance over the 12 moths, you would expect a higher number of sells during winter and a lower one during summer.

But there are specific products that are affected by seasons more than we can imagine. To help us identify them, one of the best tools we can find online is Google Trends.

We can find tendencies and patterns. Let’s take as an example the word “coat” in Spain.


Ejemplo de “abrigo” en España:


Tendencias de búsqueda de Google - Interés en Búsqueda web  abrigo - España, ene 2008 - ene 2013.png


How to take advantage of  past seasonal campaigns in order to create future ones.


– creating specific ads for the ocasión: For example, if your company is an turism agency, it can sell tickets for both winter and summer, you could create a summer campaign to run during the months prior to the season during spring. If the ads have specific phrases such as “this Summer, plan your holidays ahead)  and specific key words such as “summer holidays, summertime, etc) instead of creating your winter campaign from scratch, you can duplicate your summer campaign with Google AdWords Editor and vary its seasonal performance with very few clicks.

Step 1

Open your account from AdWords Editor and select the group that you want to duplicate (in this case, summer holidays) It is as simple as right click and selecting Copy, then pressing right clic again and selecting Paste.  Now you have your ad group duplicated. It is time to change the copy into “Winter campaign”


Campaña Estacional Verano Invierno 1

Step 2


We will go to the “key Word” tab and select all of them.


Clicking on change text, we can all at once switch the season of all our key words that have the word summer, even if there are thousands of words.



Step 3

We will go to the Ad tab and perform the same procedure. It is really important to take into account the URL destination from our ads in order to modify them. For example, our destination URL for the summer campaign may be /summer-holiday and the winter campaign might be /winter-vacation. When doing an automated URL destination switch we have to pay attention to this.


Copying a summer campaign and making it into a winter can take us less than 5 minutes with this tutorial, but its always recommended to manually check, in a big scale, that we did not mess something up while duplicating the campaign. We don’t want something like “ enjoy the warmth of Summer” to become “ Enjoy the Warmth of Winter” Chicking these details could make the difference between an effective campaign and a waste of money.

If you have a lot of non seasonal campaigns and you want to make them seasonal? Try duplicating a campaign and using the tool “add text” to instead of replacing, adding key words to the desired term.

Other applications

This winter/summer example could be applied to any other campaign. For example, “Christmas is coming” can easily be converted into “Saint Valentine’s is coming”. “2012 sales” can easily be converted into “2013 sales”. We have to always keep in mind the length of our phrases so they are still usable in AdWords and do not exceed the word limit.  

Also, this seasonal strategy can be used for non seasonal campaigns. For example “buy the newest play station” can be replaced with “ buy the newest X-Box” The AdWords Editor is very simple but its also amazing if you get creative with it. It can not only save you a lot of time, but also increase our sales at a high rate. Lets try it !!!

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