Google Analytics Management Consulting

Everyday, hundreds, thousands or millions of people visit your website. What are they doing? Where are they coming from? When is it that they leave your site?

These and other questions are related to a culture of decision making  based on information available. Thanks to Google Analytics and other Tools, all of this is possible nowadays. Are you taking advantage of these tools? Do you really understand your users?

We have a great team that provides several consulting services regarding Google Analytics. They are divided within the following stages.

Stage 0: Initial Consulting.  For free!!

If your site has over 150.000 monthly visits, we will proceed to analyze and create a report on your site for free. We will send our recomendations and advice to your company in order for you to use  the tools that are avaliable thorugh Google Analytics to their full potential.

Is everything being measured correctly? What else can I measure?


We analyze the site and the current state of implementation; we create a  proposal to ensure a use of  Google Analytics to its full potential; this will result in concrete objectives that the company has for their website.

Instant Feedback Guaranteed.


Consultoría Todo oídos










In order to elaborate a good proposal we will previously meet with the client to review:

  • How does the site work today
  • What information is being gathered from Google Analytics and other sources
  • What are the performance goals that the site has
  • What extra information does the site need in order to increase its functionality

The technical implementations that would be evaluated are the following:

  • Tag Manager
  • Events
  • Page views
  • Personalized variables/dimensions/metrics
  • AdWord Integration, Webmaster Tools, Adsense
  • Filters
  • E-Commerce
  • Migration from Classic to Universal Analytics

The criteria used will come from a plan based on a measurement tool that will register useful activity and arrange it specifically for the strategy that will be applied on your website.


Some practical examples that can me be measured are the following:

  • User behaviour segmented by groups according to a specific characteristic and its own database.
  • Website navigation segmented by categories, prices or other criteria.
  • Dropping at the shopping cart webpage or during registration process
  • Unique users measurements
  • Social sharing
  • Error Messages
  • Video plays
  • File downloads
  • External links
  • Open Tracking of E-mails and Newsletters
  • Content generated on posts, commentaries, answers or any sort of user interaction provided.

Stage 1: Implementation

Implementación Analytics

Once this proposal is approved we will begin implementing it under the Tag Manager Tool and will coordinate with the website’s team. On top of this, we check the data and implement coding to ensure the functionality and trustworthiness of the data structure.

Stage 2: Analyses and Maintenance












What information do we consider valuable? Where do I obtain it from? How are my users changing their navigating patterns?

We check the site’s performance in order to gather valuable information and organize it in periodical reports that will be personalized for your site and will help you in the decision making process.

These daily reports include the following:

  • Automatic reports (daily, weekly, monthly)

We go through the information and arrange for an automated report through Google Analytic’s report tool. This can be done in any format (PDF, Excel or CSV). These reports would be sent to specific employees at the company in order to ensure a constant follow up on the information without the need of accessing Analytics. These reports are based on a segmentation that will send relevant information to each team or department.

  • Specific Analyses Reports

Our specialists will manually check the site’s performance in order to find, among other concepts:

  • Business opportunities

Frequencies, time schedule, sources and segments in order to find high value traffic and irrelevant traffic.

  • Weak Spots

Segments in the website or processes that lead to a decrease of users or generates a complicated navigation.

  • Developed metrics

Detection of the metrics that have obtained the most changes and filters in order to detect seasonal phenomenon, geographical, social or market based.



visits real time


Is this measurement normal?

We will provide consulting and feedback on

  • Solving any specific question from any member of the company
  • Search and solve any bugs that the site might encounter

Special stages: Development

We generate advanced solutions for any need your company has.

Fluctuación del Tráfico en Google Analytics API


Through developing and implementing various scripts, website databases and AdWords and Analytics APIs we can generate our own dashboards in order to provide the company with a unified graph of all their statistics.