Google: From Web innovations to Real Economy

The following will be an analysis of Google’s multiple efforts to stop being a mere corporation of online services in order to dominate other areas, with creativity and gigantic investments.

It is known that the Internet has a big impact in all of our lives; with over 20 years of history, it has become a complex and expensive tool that used to require computers the size of a building. Now the internet is available for 1 of every 4 argentinians and 27% of the people that own a cellphone in the world. Nonetheless, a pure intenet service is not enough for a company to become the biggest in the world. Google is valued at USD $ 0.19 billion, this puts it as the 15th most valuable company in the world, being surpassed by companies such as General electric (0.22 billion), Wal-Mart (0.23 billion), Exxon (0.39 billion) and PetroChina (0.26 billion)

Within the technological market, Google’s value is still not as big as Microsoft and Apple (the most valuable company in the world).


Expansion bassed on innovations

Google has the capacity to innovate over the classical structures of companies. This is how it managed to develop a billionaire business based on advertising at a site that looks for other sites, provides unthinkable benefits to its employers and thinks ahead of its time setting a goal of creating a new technological era based on the internet. Here is a list of the most original initiatives that were thought for the company in 2013.

Google Glasses: Virtual glasses to integrate reality with a screen of augmented reality that’s connected to the cell phone and can be controlled through voice commands, known as Google Now.

Google Fiber: residencial internet connections of over 1 GB speed. Allowing users to download full HD movies in less than 30 seconds.

Self Driving Cars: Pure futurism, there are already test drives in different cities across the USA. Guided by several cameras and an integrated GPS, this innovations will drastically change the way in which transit works across the world.

Asteroid exploration related to the Lunar X prize and Google Earth in Mars and The Moon. What if the solution to out mining problems is to extract the mineral from outer space? This millionaire investment might bring a solution to one of our biggest problems yet, without changing our capitalist structures.

There is a rumor going around about  the possibility of Google investing in Electricity. Last but not least, I would like to highlight a non profit project that Google has been developing that will help people understand the correct use of information. Google Flu Trends is a system that analyzes the search results of millions of people across the globe and can detect the flu rates in different areas in real time. It is developing the same system for Dengue. This will save a lot of time for the world Health organizations and also it will provide real time analyses, giving countries the capability of generating a quick response to epidemics.

Under the logo “Don’t be Evil” they are advancing into new projects investing all their revenue without giving a single dollar to their shareholders. Will they be able to continue with this work? And what will be the cost?



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