How to automatically insert a keyword within the ad.

This small tip will show us how to automatically insert a key Word in the text of a Google Adwords Ad. The average ad group usually has between 5 and 20 different key words. Even if semantically they are all related, there are small differences in the way we use them that can increase the relevance of our ad, thus, making a difference when the user decides where to click.

This is why Google AdWords has a tool called dynamic key word insertion.  Even though it sounds complicated, it is a very simple tool that can be easily used for the clients benefit.  Let’s take a look.

Let’s assume that I have an ad group about Google AdWords Workshops. I have selected different key words.*


– Clases de AdWords

– Aprender AdWords

– Clases de AdWords Online

– Cursos de AdWords


Lets assume I choose the following format for the ad:


cursos de adwords - Google Search



Is this ad relevant? Yes. Could it be even more relevant? As always: yes.

*The word “Google” cannot appear in an ad, given that it is a trademark. But you can include it as part of a key word.

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