Traffic Fluctuation Analysis …In just one look.

Every site, no matter the size, has variations in its traffic. What does it mean? Each day there are different amount of users navigating through the site. In this case, we can develop a solution for quick every day decision making. The goal is for the client to be able to answer the following questions as quickly as possible: Why are the visits going up/down? Is there a special event happening at a specific area or country? Is it normal to have this fluctuations this day of the week? Does this happen year round?

The solution was provided by creating a personalized panel that would update itself automatically every day, collecting the data from a direct channel from the Google Analytics API.

Análisis de fluctuación de Tráfico en Analytics General

The interesting aspect of this solution is that this panel explains itself, almost as if the numbers were telling the client what to expect.

  • Thanks to the different colors in each column, we can see how, compaired to the previous day, there has been a decrease in all sources for Colombia, Spain and Argentina. The number that is highlighted the most is the greenest one; 24% traffic increase in social networks that are from Argentina. With this information we can begin to segment the data in Google analytics in order to understand what event was “hot” enough to create such an increase.
  • We can also see that Chile had a bad day. Mostly on social networks and traffic. The traffic in social medias in the U.S also shows a decrease. Is this an isolated event or is the tendency in both countries decreasing?
  • If we take a look to the next graph, we can see that in the last week there has actually been a constant decrease in social netowrks in Chile (around 3%) and that there has been an increase in the U.S (2.41%) These numbers of traffic fluctuation are common. Nonetheless, we can observe a decrease in terms of Referral traffic of 29% in the U.S. Has someone eliminated our banners and publicity?
  • If we wanted to check patterns in a longer time period, the client can access the graphs that display monthly and annual comparisons.


Last but not least, each graph has tabs with options to break down the information. With a single click we can see the variation in traffic coming from the Desktop sector and from the Mobile sector. And there is also a tab for a very important display, the absolute traffic fluctuations. Let’s click on absolute mobile to see what this means.

Análisis de fluctuación de Tráfico en Analytics Mobile

We might have been scared by the 20% drop in traffic shown in Social Networks in Peru. But we can also see that from the mobile devices, this variation only corresponds to the traffic of approximately 10 users.

On the other hand, Organic Traffic in Chile through media devices represents the biggest drop, affecting 14.726 visits. This Is definitely something worth looking into and try to reverse the effect.

Traffic variation analysis that used to take hours was able to become simplified into a dashboard that can quickly provide information and accessible metrics.

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