Unique events appear larger than Total events. How to solve this?

>Many clients have recently been confused and baffled by the following situation. When selecting specific reports, the amout of unique events (the amount of different events happening per session) appears larger than the amount of total events. Does this make any sense? Is it a bug? not necessarily, but here is the answer to this dilemma.

Let’s see an example:

Unique events larger that total events analyticsHere we can see by simple math that there are 47 total events and 47 unique events. This means there has been 47 sessions in which one event has been executed with the command “action” and no session executed this command more than once.

The “problem” that concerns us usually appears when we set the “label” as a secondary dimension:

Desglosado de eventos por etiquetas.

Once we have the label selected, we may encounter this baffling scenario:

Unique Events Solution

Does this make any sense? Look at the first line: 18 total events, 47 unique events.

The situation is that in analytics, the “label” specification is not mandatory. As a result we can choose if we want to set a label or not. In this case, Analytics is telling us that there has been 18 total events that have been labeled . 15 have received the label “Etiqueta 1” and 3 have received “Etiqueta 2”. Why is it that there are 47 unique events then? Because there are 29 sessions in which the command “action” has been triggered without any label. We can see this through testing. There are two aspects to highlight:

1) The Data shown by analytics are correct in this report, you just need to know how to read the results..

2) It would be a lot easier and user friendly if Analytics just added a column called “not set” in order to be able to see the amount of command executions without a specific label.

Thus, we can always trust these reports, as long as we know what we are looking for when we try to understand its results..


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