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We’re an innovative digital analytics consulting company. Our team is  committed to providing high quality and personalized counseling with the objective of enabling our clients to reach their potential. Our main goal is to provide and systematize key information for strategic decision making with the purpose of optimizing results.

Based on our experience, we’ve developed  our own software that distinguishes us for a more precise and accurate analysis. In Digodat, innovation and creativity are key values.  With our ideas and counseling, our clients have seen a burst in users loyalty, increased sales, multiplied visits, improved their site, understood trends and optimized remarketing actions, improving their position in the industry.

Our Services

Every day, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people visit your web site. What do you know about them? How are users arriving to your site? What is their behaviour? Where do they surf? Why are they leaving? How much income are they reporting to you?

Web analytics are generating countless oportunities in the digital world, allowing us to measure data, get valuable information, carry out reports and analyze the characteristics of users and their behaviour on the web, enabling us to make actionable decisions based on those results.

Google Analytics is the most popular digital analytics service in the world. Over 80% of web traffic is measured through this tool, that is without taking into account the thousands of mobile apps that use the mobile version of this system. However, few companies or web sites really use it to improve their business quality and performance. Why? Mainly because it offers ‘raw’ data, so in order to draw conclusions we need to know how to interpret it.

Digodat advices its clients with the goal of continuously improving the user experience in their sites, increasing the value that users report in relation with goals set by the client, whether they are of a comercial nature or user quality.

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