Who is this guy?

Google AdWords Script Guru


My name is Alan Matias Daitch and I’m the founder of the online marketing agency TictAds and the Analytics consulting company Digodat.

I’m an Analytics, SEM and SEO Consultant in companies who are over 10M visits / month.

I work in many activities related with Google AdWords & Analytics world. I like looking for new horizons, writing articles about it, providing professional advisory and consulting services to companies, start-ups and people and teaching.

I’m one of the 5 TCs (Top Contributors) in Google AdWords Spanish Community. We participate with Google Support Team helping small and big advisors to improve their campaigns overall. This includes:

– Exclusive access to beta-testing products.
– Google AdWords 2013 TC badge: top Google expertise certification (it is only provided to 4 people in LatAm and Spain).

I’m a member of International AdWords TC Forum, private forum between all TCs in the world.

I’m also in Google Glass Explorer Program.